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Greetings. My name is Jesse and I think everyday is special because it is a new opportunity to impact someone's day. I like to bring smiles onto anyone's face through providing memorable experiences, and exceptional service. I believe we all should celebrate life more and worry less and I want to provide my qualities and positive energy to the table so every special day counts and is more valuable for your wallet. I see all the details that most do not consider a detail and I believe everything requires equal attention no matter how large or small because it is all about the big picture or the main event. Just like a symphony playing at the Philharmonic or a seamlessly choreographed Broadway show, all the pieces must be in harmony to become something that resonates in our hearts and minds that will bring fond memories to each of us when we look back on the wonderful times. In the workplace, I strongly know that communication, direction, and dedication are some of the ingredients to a successful work day. I find that I push myself to greater heights when I take a leadership role because I train myself to be a model for excellence and so I may be an ambassador for the company I choose to build my career from. It is best to set goals and to get better day by day and to receive feedback from your colleagues because all feedback (even negative), can be a positive thing as we always have room to grow and improve. The ultimate goal of the day is to impress others and ourselves and by achieving satisfaction at this level, requires individuals like myself to genuinely care for others and even put their needs above yours as priorities will to be arranged as needed when working in hospitality and customer service. I would never argue with a guest because I would never win and only fail because the guests' perception IS their reality and I have to go above and beyond to exceed their expectations to win the trust and validation that I provided top-notch, exceptional service so that my guests will keep me in mind for the next event.