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Hi my name is Isaac Brown or alias "Aiizaku" im a graphic designer+ originally from San Antonio, TX but has now settled roots in Boston, MA. The name “Aiizaku” was given to him from my High School Japanese teacher. The proper translation of my name is “Izaku” however she knew I was odd, and every oddity deserves a name that fits. “Aiizaku” was the name she gave me. “What does it mean” I asked, and she replied “Whatever you wish it to mean.” Since then I have used this name as an identity of my creativity and passion, my road less traveled experiences have brought me to working with unique minds in business to being a part of history. My talents I use to be a problem solver be it in projects to campaigns and in the process have worn many hats as graphic designer, developer, production manager, art director, photographer, activist, founder and organizer. What does Aiizaku mean to me? I hope I never find out, the road to that truth is much more rewarding.