Highly experienced, PR-savvy writer/editor specializing in wellness, health, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, real estate, architecture and design, aviation and travel, business and finance. Dynamic communicator, skilled at targeting editors’ needs, packaging stories in relevant, newsworthy ways. Branding expert who once guided the development of a global standards manual for a building product to maintain image consistency for international distributors as well as trade shows and design events. Developed #1 Google ranking under keywords “health coach Irene,” “Irene Ross,” and “eating4achieving.com.” Strategic thinker, accustomed to managing and implementing multiple projects under deadline. Accomplished speaker who has given numerous workshops, classes and demonstrations both in-person as well as through webinars and tele-seminars. Featured in: The Well-Grounded Life; CEO Nation/Rescue a CEO, Every Day Health; Women’s Advantage Calendar; Blog Talk Radio, Huffington Post, MindBody

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  • Blog writing
  • Website developing
  • Brand development
  • Social media marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Industrial design
  • Writing
  • PR

I am a content strategist. I work with companies in all industries, including wellness, nutrition, real estate, B2B, architecture/design/remodeling, education, travel, and more, to grow their business. Not only am I a professional copywriter (both print and web) but also a public relations and social media/digital marketing pro. That's what sets me apart from the others; because my skills are so varied and strong under the marketing communications umbrella, I'll always be able to suggest ways to draw traffic to your website or into your showroom. Some hire me solely to write (articles, blog posts, website or newsletter copy), while others want a traditional public relations campaign or a branding program developed solely through social media.