I was Cloud before Cloud was Cloud. :)

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  • Web design
  • PHP
  • Host
  • MySQL
  • Marketing

After many years in the corporate world, and some life changes / soul searching, I am starting the New Year off pursuing projects that are more true to my heart and that I am passionate about. In taking on new projects, either pro-bona or for paid I am really looking for new ideas that seek to make the world a little better place. I could be back in a cubicle, making good money tomorrow... but with the world going to nifelheim all around us, the only power one has is to be true to yourself and work to make it better. This website (humans.net) really seems like they are on the same page, and a good place to start. :) I am very fluent, with 15+ years of experience in cloud and server side technologies such as PHP, Apache, MySQL, Linux server deployment and administration, virtualization and hosting platforms. Currently, I am intentionally staying out of the 9-5 job market, and investing my time on a few projects including: - A large wind power / renewable energy site, providing educational and DIY resources. - Linux community site offering free or low-cost tech support, training for professional certifications, open source project collaboration and a marketplace to match skilled Linux experts with small to medium sized projects. - Offering free classes in my "a bit down and out" local community ranging from basic computer skills, intro to Linux, marketable skills such as CompTia A+, networking... For those seeking a web designer, or something that requires a little more chops like server administration, coding, CMS/application customization, etc. Feel free to drop me a line. If it's a project that I can get behind, I would be happy to help. Thank you for taking the time. Namaste! :)