My name is Harley. I currently am staying in NorthEast Philadelphia. I like to fix old electronics and modify things to make them work better. I am a very easy person to get along with and have experience at Landscaping and other outdoor kinds of work.

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  • Landscaping
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Hello my name is Harley. I Fix Engines, Electronics and Motor Bikes. I am currently located in Northeast Philadelphia. I am a very easy person to get along with and enjoy working with my hands. I enjoy fixing and modifying what i work on. I have experience fixing Basic Analog Electronics Such as older stereo systems Tape Recorders And VCR's. I also Like to experiment with things and see how they work to better my own knowledge and gain new idea's and stratagies for the futer. I have some Mechanical Experience as well from fixing my own cars and friends cars over the years but have no certifications or Degree's in the feild. However if there is a problem I will do my best to solve it and stop it from occuring again. I also have experience working with Concrete Stone and Asphalt. Ive done Landscaping in the past as well Cutting Grass Laying Mulch Ect. If you have anything that needs to be repaired or any kind of physical work feel free to contact me. I will most likely get the job done cheaper than anybody else in the area. Telephone: 267-961-5808 E-Mail: