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Hi there! I'm a grammar and word nerd. When I was in 1st grade, one of my classmates walked up to my mother and said, "Gee, your daughter sure knows a lot of words!" My passion for the English language has never wavered since. In terms of my editing experience, I've helped edit essays for people who are preparing to take the GRE. Thanks to a degree in psychology, I am also very experienced in scientific writing styles and APA formatting, though I'm also comfortable with other styles including MLA and Chicago. I have written or co-written several academic essays on various subjects in psychology. I co-wrote and edited an undergraduate thesis on language development in three- to five-year-olds for which I received an "A." I've also proofread and edited numerous academic essays, mostly on psychological subjects, including tying Thomas Kuhn's theory of scientific progress to the development of psychology. I've taken classes on creative writing, and have written many blog posts and short articles, often about my own travel experiences as well as several short stories. I am currently working part time as a special education teacher, where my focus is on teaching reading and writing to elementary, middle, and high school students who need a bit of extra attention. Let me know what you'd like me to edit for you!