A Courier-Independent Contractor skilled at executing order fulfillments in high-volume environments by efficiently coordinating, preparing, and delivering products and services for customers. Possesses a positive and attentive attitude with excellent interpersonal communication skills when dealing with clients and other supply chain stakeholders.

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  • Transportation
  • Advertising
  • Accounting
  • Administrative support
  • Office manager
  • Business strategy
  • Office assistant
  • Business consulting

Logistics Management • Partnered with multiple service-based mobile applications (Uber, Walmart, Point Pick-Up, etc.) to deliver products to customers. • Coordinated the accurate movement of cargo over 1M tons by utilizing multi-modal transportation. • Oversaw the contracts, construction, and daily operations of a 500-plus personnel encampment. Organization • Collaborated with 17 multifunctional teams that analyzed military operational workforce requirements. • Developed more than 150 educational products and incorporated new training into database systems • Supervised the day-to-day operations for 89 people and the accountability of property worth $700K. Business Development • Employed multiple prospecting techniques, including cold calling, email, text messaging, online platforms, and in-person selling. • Managed over $40K in monthly advertising spend and achieved campaign milestones and objectives.