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What I Currently Do: - French VoiceOvers here in the city, along with a show that I am writing, and that I hope to soon pitch. Background: - Born in Montreal, Quebec. - French is my first language and I can speak it with either accent (Canadian or Parisian), because my mother is from France, but my father is from Montreal. The accent I choose to speak in largely depends on my mood and/or the crowd. What I'm Offering: - A flexible schedule to work with, not limited to daytime activities. - There are many different ways to learn a language and/or improve in that language, and I'm happy to customize a lesson plan that works for you specifically. - Conversational, Written, Reading Comprehension, Accent Comparison. - Lesson Plans for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Learners. - For those fluent in French, I offer Pronunciation Lessons.