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  • Software engineer

I'm a self driven software engineer who has a passion for building fast, responsive, and accessible web sites. I specialize in single-page-apps (abbreviated SPA). For those who don't know, single-page-apps are websites that load up an interactive application for users to interact with without ever having to load a different page (think Twitter or Facebook). Single page apps are also incredibly useful for business splash pages. The reason is, SPAs load up instantly and have seamless transitions between "routes" (which act as virtual pages). Just because it has the term "single-page" in it, doesn't mean it's confined to only having one page; it simply means that all the interactions appear to take place without having to wait for an entirely new page load. It's real-time. For the more technical people: I'm a front-end engineer who works with technologies like ReactJS (the same engine that Facebook is built with), Redux, InfernoJS, and Preact.