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Published journalist, ghostwriter, freelance writer, copyeditor, and editor. Constructing and reshaping stories is my trade. Detail-oriented proofreader ready to provide professional level feedback and editing following the most up to date standards of journalistic, academic, scholarly, professional, and creative writing. My craft is both a gift and a tool—prolifically rewarding, no matter the context. Several years of experience working for publications, plowing through news coverage, opinion pieces, briefs, and in-depth interviews under tight deadlines. I specialize in human interest stories that feature individuals, businesses, events, or endeavors with a story worth bringing to life. Well versed in the art and structure of conveying narrative while keeping readers engaged. If you need concision, I never waste a word. I ghostwrite at all stages of the process. Everything from idea generation to developing the rudimentary structure of a piece to fine-tuning grammar. I provide a powerful, fluid vernacular that will drive your message home. And of course, I simply write. Whether it's short stories, poetic verse, or long prose, I will collaborate with you to fashion together words of beauty and passion. I look forward to working with you. -Gabe