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I am a former NYIT student whom attended the Old Westbury L.I. campus and where we were taught the ethic of "My portfolio *is* my resume". I was first turned on to the digital side of things way back in 1997 and never looked back, especially when I got a hold of a 12" X 18" Wacom graphics tablet which allowed me to employ technology that I had held in my hand since 4 years old, the pen. I applied it to Photoshop ,Painter and ZBrush and went to town with them. I also brought along with me into the bargain my great love of Symphonic Orchestral Music ( which includes film soundtracks as well ) to which I would draw as a child while I listened. To this day I've never suffered from artist's block as I enter my own private *Mind's Eye Theater* whenever I do listen to my personal selections of music for inspiration. Thus there is a piece of symphonic music driving any and every graphic piece that I produce.