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  • logos
  • web design
  • album art
  • vector art
  • Photography
  • Photography
  • Industrial design
  • Graphic design

Located in the Washington D.C. / DMV area Franz is fascinated in all things art. In turn, finds art in everything. Growing up in the southern parts of the United States, he discovered a love for creativity and using his hands to produce any kind of work. After graduating high school, he pursued a fine arts degree at Marymount University. This brought him to Virginia for the first time. During this time Franz discovered Graphic Design and the growth of this industry. Deciding to change focus to Graphic Design, he used his fine arts background to transition into this new digital world. Two semesters shy of graduation Franz found himself struggling to financially support himself in school. Months after leaving university, he found the Art Institutes. Finding a way to work and finish his graphic design studies, Franz completed all classes he left behind and received his Digital Design Diploma in 2016. Still finding endless amounts of inspiration, Franz continues to create works such as album art, posters, and logos. To keep up with the advancements of designers in the industry he has added website design and photography to his tool belt. His work is known to incorporate vibrant colors with unorthodox design processes. When given different objectives of design work he can consistently achieve client goals but never forgets to incorporate the style he's developed over the years.