Among my three dominant interests going into that critical time when I had to declare a major and set a career path--science, journalism, and music--science won out, first with a Physics major, then Engineering. During my attainment of a master's in electrical engineering and a substantially rewarding and varied career, those other interests always kept competing. Writing gnawed at me the most. One of my best classes back in school was Physics lab, where I wrote A+ experiment reports that admittedly astound me as I read them now, despite having finished them in only a day's work each on a rented typewriter. I also got A-plusses in Technical Report Writing and, for my master's, I eschewed the much more direct comprehensive exam in favor of a long thesis (both in sheer numbers of pages and in years to write them) on computer-aided circuit design. At work, my best assignments were those that allowed me to write theory-of-operation papers, maintenance manuals, criteria, and specifications. I was particularly fortunate to spend the last 8 years of my career being able to edit scientific papers and grow further in practical scientific knowledge. Through it all, I also managed to give music some attention through classes, church choir, piano, and computer-generated music. Retirement has changed the mix a little but not the interests. With the day job gone, I am enjoying helping student writers and editing books and dissertations, and the inclusion of technical content only makes it better.

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I'm Frank Di Bugnara, a recently retired research project manager who draws upon decades of writing experience to provide excellent copy editing services. I had early training as a newspaper writer and radio newscaster in school, excelled in technical writing class, wrote a master's thesis, and had over four decades of job experience almost always centered on technical memoranda and theory papers, culminating with my research manager’s position. Among all the research reports I had to make publishable, one that stands out was an application of linear regression to economic data. Not having majored in math or econ, I learned enough theory from colleagues, books, and websites to smooth out the unclear passages and insert examples. In my work, I first determine where the customer is in the writing process, from just assembling his or her ideas to completing a mature draft. I next lay out a work plan and then proofread, edit, or rewrite as necessary to effect a beautiful document to please the customer the first time. Seeing each clean draft of my edited papers brings back the joy I first felt holding the galley proof of my first newspaper story.