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  • Comedy
  • Developmental Editing
  • Affect Theory
  • Horror
  • Editor
  • Fiction
  • Editing
  • Developmental Editor
  • Phenomenology
  • Genre Fiction
  • Research
  • Tutor
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Humor
  • Memoir
  • Academic writing
  • Poetry
  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Fiction writing
  • Business writing
  • Proofreading
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  • Creative writing

I am a sensitive and adaptable Developmental Editor offering innovative and applicable suggestions that strengthen clarity, style, and impact. Highly attuned to emotional issues, I work always at both detail and big-picture levels, and I am comfortable with all written registers. I am driven to strengthen authors’ artistic success, enrich critical reception, and increase unit sales. As an editor, my primary expertise lies in memoir, comedy, and horror. I am also well-versed in academic humanities; my scholarly interests are focused in affect, emotion, and other modes of fluid experience. All told, I have 6 years combined experience developing, copy editing, and proofreading fiction, poetry, and creative and academic nonfiction as a literary magazine editor and director, plus another two and a half years experience as a weekly writing workshop contributor. I am also long-practiced in communication skills. As a Fulbright Grantee in South Korea, I led frequent teacher training and cultural exchange lectures and workshops. I have also coached a multiple-award-winning competitive acting and debate team in rhetoric, politics, history, logic, and emotional appeal. NYU’s Steinhardt School of Education has invited me multiple times to serve as a life skills speaker and panelist for high school students and their parents. Just as my editorial practice is made more effective by my communication methods, so are they both enhanced by my affinity for fast, creative, and thorough research. I routinely surveyed and distilled the academic book market into company memos for book acquisitions meetings, and have investigated and analyzed Business Writing education programs across more than twenty top U.S. universities and graduate programs. Moreover, I published an in-depth and pioneering thesis at the intersection of horror studies, affect theory, and philosophy of mind on the unique emotional powers of the social horror subgenre. More personally, I am a physics, design, and engineering enthusiast: my favorite question is “Why’s that thing like that?” This extends to social structures as well: I am deeply committed to issues of social justice and equity, and constantly challenge myself to be a better ally. When I am not editing, I enjoy intercontinental travel, puzzle platformers, and fawning over pictures of dogs.