One afternoon in 2002 I was at my best friend's place watching MTV, and Daft Punk's music video for 'Around The World' came on. I became mesmerized by the electronic audio/visual harmony, my intrigue deepening by the fact I had no idea how it was being created. I knew in that moment that this was going to have a profound impact on my formative years. Beginning in 2006 at age 16, after many months beat-matching a handful of records in my bedroom while my friends were out partying, I started DJ'ing in nightclubs across Regional Queensland, Australia. It was my passion for electronic dance music and entertaining crowds that pushed me to continue performing throughout my 20's, and for the duration of my tertiary education. Once I completed a dual Bachelor degree in International Business and Interactive & Visual Design, I began to merge my skillsets to form an independent entertainment and graphic design business, implementing marketing strategies to promote my entertainment services. Most notable was the 12-month social media campaign 'DJ Guide', that facilitated the promotion of weekly gigs and provided a platform to raise awareness of contentious issues within the nightlife industry. Since my first gig at Platinum Lounge back in 2006, I have performed at over 70 venues in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, and at national festivals including Parklife, Stereosonic and Creamfields. In September 2016 I began a new life in New York City, working full-time as a graphic designer for an eCommerce Health & Wellness company. As a result I have strengthened my marketing acumen, modernized the company's website, and vastly improved my health & wellbeing. I am now looking for the next exciting employment opportunity that I can bring my determined work ethic to and pushes me to design and entertain around the world.

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I'm a Graphic Designer, Creative Marketer, Visual Artist and Vintage Advertising Lover based in New York City. Gaining an appreciation for entertainment through audio/visual experiences from a young age, I have pursued creative endeavors that enable me to deliver engaging, socially-conscious content for a diverse client base. I graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with bachelor degrees in Business and Creative Industries. This institution is known for providing internationally-focused learning environments that empower graduates to work in a diverse and complex world characterized by increasing change. The breadth of my portfolio is the culmination of a unique employment background, merging experience in design, business and entertainment to execute brand activations, event promotions and CTA marketing.