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I am a Secondary Education Social Studies teacher, who has just graduated from The University of Akron. Last semester I gained a lot of valuable experience while student teaching at Brunswick High School in Ohio, 9th Grade World History. It is the diverse education I have received that I believe has fostered me to become an exceptional educator. I have attended a Waldorf School in Ohio, private school in Indiana, a reformed Jewish middle school, an orthodox Jewish High School in Maryland, and finally finished my high school experience at a public school in Ohio. While attending The LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education at The University of Akron, I have been given the valuable gift of a diverse hands-on education. I have observed at a middle school charter school. I have worked with inner city Early College students and I have taught and mentored students at a high school with a high degree of students in low-income families. I am currently engaged my student teaching experience at a high school with students in higher-income families. It is this diverse experience throughout my entire life that I believe, has groomed me to be a superb educator. Having just graduated from The University of Akron, I could not be more excited to immerse myself in the field of education. My foundation has led to an anticipatory excitement; that I will soon be providing knowledge to students in an effective and engaging manner. It is of great satisfaction that I may now submit to you, my resume, as a bid to allow myself to implement my teaching skills in any job. If you are satisfied with this resume, then I implore you to call upon me for an interview; my enthusiasm and honest care about the education of my students will be apparent. In fact, my desire to teach social studies is rooted in the invested passion I have for creating an informed community that can contribute ideas, beliefs, and practices into an ever-evolving society. My contribution to this society will clearly be the spirited minds I will create, by introducing a passion for influencing the direction we choose to go as a community. My wish is not to decide for future generations the direction we shall go, but to inspire future generations to take it upon themselves to be active and influential world citizens.