My resume

  • Poet
  • Writing
  • Writing
  • Creative writing
  • Branding

I'm a writer/creative that started out as a poet. Then I moved to New York City and started taking nostalgic snaps with my 35mm camera, writing for zines and gathering a crew of creatives that both inspired me and pushed me into the career I now have. What began as kind of amateur evolved into SHK Magazine. A digital hub created from scratch that grew to more than 100k page views a month, featuring the likes of Lorde, Tove Lo, Langley Fox Hemingway and more. After that I had long stints writing all the digital creative copy for Lord & Taylor and Hudson's Bay in Canada. Most recently, I moved to CUBOCC, an agency that is was founded in Brazil and now is under IPG Media brands. I was brought on to oversee the brand Nexxus New York Salon Care.