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One day I sat down and truly analyzed what my absolute favorite thing to do is and what is the thing I do to make me happy. I very quickly figured it out. It is to book travel. Travel for business, travel for pleasure, travel for me and travel for strangers. I even find myself imagining scenarios where I would need to travel to X, Y & Z for x, y & z reasons just so I can look up flights, work with a budget and figure out what would be for dinner on the first night in this new town. I refuse to work for large companies where they only encourage me to book their specific hotels or dine at their investors' restaurants. I want to work for an individual that gives me the rules and regulations for their desired or required trip. Budgets are fun but so are time constraints. Bring it on. Let me plan your next road trip, business group conference or even your dream honeymoon. I will not only provide you with well-researched advice I will book everything as needed from 3 Michelin Star restaurant down to a cheap manicure.