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I've been doing financial modeling, projections, budgeting and analysis as a key part of my professional career for over 25 years. I've done GAAP-friendly business planning and financial evaluations for everything from start-up companies with no revenue and big ideas to large multinational corporations with global operations. I have presented my projections and analysis for review and examination by top management/stakeholders and my work has been audited, scrutinized and dissected by some of the largest and most prestigious commercial banks, investment banks and VCs in the world. My plans and projections have been used for raising capital, setting budgets, analyzing new products or business models and quantifying a company's vision, goals and objectives. My work has provided a considerable value-add to companies in telecoms, internet, manufacturing and retail industries as well as firms in the media and professional services sectors. My professional career includes more than 25 years of experience as head of finance and as a financial services specialist for start-up and early-stage companies as well as divisions of major firms. As head of finance for an Internet company and as Sr. Manager for a boutique Investment Banking firm , some of my major accomplishments include raising more than $20M in VC and Angel equity funding for start-ups and $6M in M&A growth financing for early-stage companies as well as executing strategies that resulted in over $60M in exits for entrepreneurs. I have served as Director of Finance for a global Fortune 500 mobile communications company where I coordinated a $500M multinational finance facility for the Asia-Pacific system and also helped lead negotiations with Asian strategic partners in the formation of international Joint Ventures while working ‘in-country’ with the partners Sr. Executive staff. As Manager of Business Planning for a US satellite communications company, I am credited with managing the successful $246M IPO of the company and developing the company business plan and managing the budgets as well as spearheading major projects including the formation of XM Satellite Radio. While attending graduate school, I worked with a Central Bank President on building large-scale econometric models of developing countries. I hold a BS in Finance from the University of New Hampshire and a MA in Economics, with a minor in Econometrics, from the University of Maryland. Curriculum vitae available upon request.