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When It comes to photographing people, places and things, New York City based Fashion & Beauty Photographer, Donn Thompson expresses “This is what I live for”. Hailing from the Caribbean islands of the Bahamas Donn recounts his experiences. “Light & Images are everything, this is how my eyes see. I love the way the sun will kiss both the water and a complexion. The lines, the movement, the way a body will transform as it approaches my lens from a distance walking thru the heat hues…to be able to capture that is indescribable in words alone.”.. Moving to the USA shifted and expanded Donn’s visual palette. “There was more of everything to look at. Taller and bigger buildings, larger fields, cars of every kind. People I had only seen in magazines or on that black & white Zenith [Television Set] every one in my neighborhood in the Bahamas would gather around every Sunday”. Donn’s love for photography led him to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he polished his artistic skills as a painter and photographer. His first major job was an advertising photo shoot for the prestigious Empire Hotel in New York City. Subsequently, Donn initiated his professional photographer career at Seltzer Studios in New York City. Today, Donn is best known for shooting ad campaigns, fashion Spreads, magazines spreads, magazine and album covers, look books and beyond in exotic locations throughout the USA, Africa, The Caribbean, Europe, & Asia.. Donn continues to perfect the art of photography and always looks for ways to take it to the next plateau. “I enjoying creating. I offer my custom creativity, fast thinking and am extremely deadline oriented. I look forward to being apart of your next project.”