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  • Alignment Oriented Yoga
  • Basic Yoga
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Spiritual Oriented Yoga
  • Fitness Yoga
  • Flow Yoga
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  • Vinyasa Flow
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Diana first experienced yoga through an extra curriculum that her college provided 10 years ago in Malaysia. She initially signed up for yoga merely for the physical exercise and stretch it gives. Soon after that, she moved to the United States and completely forgot about yoga until 6 years ago, when she found herself constantly feeling very sluggish physically and mentally. She decided to take a class, also merely for the physical benefits. After that first class, she soon discovered that this practice is not just physical but a spiritual one as well. With the drastic change in lifestyle from Malaysia to New York, Diana found that yoga helped her feel grounded, stable and connected to her own mind. Ever since then, she has been practicing regularly and wanted to deepen her practice by obtaining her yoga certification so that she could have the resources to share this practice with others. Diana teaches fluid and graceful yoga movement in her classes to reflect upon when we are off our mats; that is to be graceful and adaptable in any situations in life. She also does hands-on assist in her classes because she believes everyone deserves some love.