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  • Sculptor
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  • Editing

初めまして! Hello Humans! My name is Denzil Egan and I am happy to be here! With a B.F.A. in studio arts, a post-graduate certification in Film Editing and Post-production, and many years of continued education and professional experience in diverse creative industries, I am an artist of many talents and abilities. As an established studio sculptor and painter, and as an experienced digital designer and filmmaker, I am confident in my knowledge of fundamental artistic principles (balance, proportion, emphasis, variety, movement, rhythm, and harmony) and how they apply to basic artistic elements (line, shape, form, value, color, space, and texture). It is my duty as an artist to make you feel something-- to facilitate a memorable thought or experience; I accomplish this by producing high quality creative content and compelling imagery that honors life and human culture, and in the end promotes thought and action that leads us to further understanding of who we are individually and collectively. As a collaborator on your project, my purpose and goal would be to help you produce the same caliber of work that I would expect for myself and my own projects. I am constantly collaborating, and always looking to expand my network and find different and exciting projects. Please view my website: for a sampling of my work.