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I am a person with many talents. Writing is one of them. I can take your ideas and notes and make them sound beautiful. I have done this personally for about 15 years. Growing up, my mother always corrected my wording to use proper English. I am interested in many things and can help you make your paper/project sound unique with a flair of professionalism and/or personality. So many times, people just do not know how to say things clearly and concisely. This is the gift I have. I can help you say what you mean. I have had a formal typing class in my Medical Assistant classes while earning my degree. My husband has a handy man business and I write all his proposals and invoices. Just to make sure, I always check and recheck my work. I am a bit of a perfectionist in that aspect. Due to other aspects of my life, I need to find work from home. Since I love typing/writing, I know this is the perfect fit for me at this time.