I am a fun loving person who enjoys sharing the knowledge that I have learned. I will make you feel completely at ease, as I teach you everything you will need to know to operate and use your DSLR camera to it's fullest potential. The only roadblocks you will have when learning from me is your willingness to learn. The other is your need to listen. I enjoy teaching people the things that I have learned from school and on my own through my trial and error. You will find that I am very enthusiastic when it comes to photography. I first got into photography back in 2010 when I injured myself. I can do just about any style you want. I can do this while shooting or in post production in Lightroom by Adobe. You will be extremely delighted by my work.

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I'm Dave a college trained photographer and would like to share my knowledge that I have gained by my schooling and through interacting with other like minded photographers. I can teach you anything that you are wanting to learn when it comes to setting up a DSLR camera. To creating the proper composition or to the post-production work using Adobe Lightroom. I'm very friendly and a great teacher.