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  • IT
  • Barista
  • Grant writing
  • Technical writing
  • server
  • Tutor - Algebra - Pre Calc - Trigonometry -
  • Tutor - Chemistry
  • Writing
  • Writing

Hiya, I am new to the area and looking for various small jobs to keep myself busy and productive. As an adventurous person, I have had hands in myriad professional settings/fields (Hospitality, IT, Retail, Education, Mentorship, technical writing, etc.). I am a passionate and determined professional, who seeks to enjoy all the joie-de-vivre. Essentially, I love learning, so any opportunity that allows me to do so, I shall gladly welcome it. So, please feel free to reach me as to how I could be of help to you, your family or your organization. I should be delighted. Thank you. Dash