My resume

  • Delivering

I am a friendly professional who provides customers with a direct and genuine experience, I work well under pressure and problem-solve on the spot. I listen to customer's needs and always play for the team. I love working in hospitality/food best, but I do thrive in any environment, regardless of its time constraints and pressure. I am a passionate guy, dedicated to the work I do, whether it is of huge responsibility or just a hobby - I always take full responsibility for my actions and the task ahead. I am creative and disciplined, I think on quick on my feet and always resemble the can-do attitude. My hobbies are phonegraphy, theatre and history, I love donuts and open-faced sandwiches and when not working, I work on delivering the highest-quality cup of pour over and aeropress coffee. I also love New York and have always to be an active part of its life. I love living and meeting new people here, and I can tell a good story. Thank you!