I'm fun-loving easy to get along with and serious about my job and wasn't to go to a person or person can travel to me I'm a very flexible worker my phone number is 215-558-0739 my Gmail is Damon Crawford 640 at gmail.com I can be reached at either or to get to know me personally to see what I'm like you can always go to my Facebook page at Kobe Crawford or you can check me out on YouTube Damon Crawford with all being said hope you have a beautiful blessed day take care

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Hi my name is Damon Crawford I am personal trainer with 5years experience in fitness in and outside the Philadelphia area, my main target is to motivate people to have positive attitudes to work towards weight loss, healthy Fitness and dieting through the use of do the use of my personal exercising cardio and fitness program, with all being said through the many of people I worked with ,I strive hard to reach every goal for every individual with the understanding that hard work ,effort and discipline will lead to progress,with each of my clients, with all being said I look forward to meeting and helping fun easy loving out going people striving towards a positive and better change, may my peace and blessing stay with you all may god bless take care, sincerely sending Damon Crawford