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It takes an amazing amount of self discipline to consistently deliver top quality performance to clients even in something as basic as cleaning, where performance naturally declines over time. It takes discipline to be always punctual, show up at clients’ premises rain, snowstorm or shine and follow assigned tasks when the natural tendency is to do otherwise. I'm good with discipline! Trust This is perhaps my biggest quality in cleaning. Who wants to give anyone access to their space, their lives, their information, their assets if they cannot be trusted? Trust is what determines who consistently wins with clients and gets rave reviews. Intuitively, most clients know that it all comes down to trustworthiness and not the size of the company or the age of the company. My clients must trust me to do a good job, to care for their space, their assets, their information, to be honest and open about what we can or cannot do and to keep my word. Trustworthiness is a quality cleaners need and it is a quality that i have. Cleaning is something that i enjoy doing and take extremely serious.