My passion has always been languages and international culture. I enjoy travel and have had the opportunity to use that to my student's advantage. I've been a Spanish teacher in both private and public schools for over 18 years and have taught ESL and English for over 10. Although experience is an obvious advantage, my strong point is being able to assess students' challenge areas and work with them to make breakthroughs. I take students from their present skill levels to whatever level they desire to be. Students have enjoyed using their own interests to integrate them into the learning conversation. It helps in their retention and allows them to acquire language more naturally. Most of what I do is a clear reflection of what you would like to accomplish and your desired end game. I love what I do and wouldn't change it for anything!

My resume

  • Language lessons
  • Catering
  • Catering
  • Tutoring

I'm highly skilled, punctual and professional. I'm easy to get along with, flexible with your needs and cater to what you are looking for. Sure, there are hundreds of tutors you can choose from, but I've been a teacher since 1986 and know a few things about methods that are tried and true. I make learning enjoyable and come highly recommended by the people who hire me. I hope to have the pleasure and privilege of meeting your educational needs in the near future.