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I am a multiplatform editor. As you will see from my résumé, I can find my way around the Web, a computer keyboard, and a newsroom, having years of experience in the newspaper business, something I can bring to the table. Also, I have been woking as a background actor in several movies, commercials and television shows. Here Is a link to my IMDB page: Take a look. In addition to a copy of my résumé, along with links to work that I have done on several websites that I have written for, built, and manage, I am including links to work that has been published. If that is not enough, you can do a “Google” search for “Cliff Redding.” If after looking through all of this I have sent you, you are still not convinced; I wish you good luck in finding the “right” candidate. If you are convinced, let’s get to work. Either way, I don’t believe in wasting time … mine or yours. I am hoping to hear from you soon, to discuss working with you on your project.