Greetings. My name is Christopher Staico. I have known art my entire life. From a very young age I was fascinated with fine art and illustration. I would consider myself a self taught illustration and fine art specialist. I have been illustrating nearly all my life. From about age 6 to currently. Throughout my middle school to High school years. I became adept at my craft and went to Eastern Center for Arts & Technology in grades 11 through 12 for nearly half the day. Specializing in Commercial Art. This over time only strengthened my passion in illustration but spawned a new media passion known as graphic design. Throughout my time there, we learned how to position letters, words, and paragraphs.... How to use ( at the time.) Quark XPress to position not only fonts but images and text to wrap around the photos. As the years went on, I became quite passionate about not only my fine art and illustration pursuits, but also graphic arts. Computers, learning my way around both mac and PC formatting. Learning through repetition, through failures, through all of these my skills grew and grew. Success can mean failing at something a million times, the key is never to give up. Because if on that one millionth and first try, you get it right. Not only correct but come to an understanding. Why you were doing it wrong all those times before. Why that won't happen again, and why that can be a skill taught to future peoples enduring the same hardships. After high school. I became focused on my future. Which became the Art Institute of Philadelphia. From 2004 to 2008. i honed my skills further in a future with graphic arts. Learning not only the skills it takes through learning the Adobe Creative Suite. but applying yourself to continue pursuit. One thing that is always certain in the art world as well as life is that it always changes, adapts and moves onward. As a person in the artist community you must not only keep up with these trends but adapt with them. Use your skills to further the pursuit of new and creative ways to establish a connection from artist to client. Without this process. One cannot call themselves an artist of the times. One can merely say they partake in the world of art. More to come.

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