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My name is Christian, and I graduated from Hampshire College in May 2016 with a BA. I studied creative writing, and for my senior project, I wrote a compilation of short stories about the Greco-Persian War, spanning across the entire war and looking at the battles through the lens of the Persians. I am a history buff, specifically dealing with the ancient world (mainly Europe) and World War II, and in addition to this, I'm also a huge fan of science-fiction. I would one day like to take some sci-fi stories and adapt them into a play for the stage. I'm a very creative person, and I love to play with new ideas and concepts, creating new universes and new stories. Although my background is in creative writing, I have very strong essay and research-oriented skills. Throughout my time at college, I was able to hone my research paper skills, and I am capable of writing strong thesis papers. Additionally I also have strong constructive criticism skills, considering I had a lot of peer-review opportunities throughout my education. In addition to all of this, I'm also (mostly) fluent in Spanish. I took Spanish from first grade to twelfth grade, and the first few years of this were a total immersion program. I'm a thoughtful, helpful person with a true passion for this. Ultimately I would love to be able to pursue writing in full, either for books, screenplays, or film critiques.