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My name is Chris Rojahn. I am a former federal employee that worked on issues ranging from organized crime, sanctions, money laundering, law enforcement actions, and diplomacy. I turned 50 years old earlier this year but I am still young at heart. My interest in joining Humans is to find other people who have interest in the truth, interested in protecting the environment, and interest in justice. Since May 2017, I have worked for a law firm that specializes in prosecuting personal injury and medical malpractices cases, specifically in the areas of nursing home management. As part of my work, I proofread documents that are used in court briefings. In September 2017, I attended WasteCon in Baltimore, a conference on solid waste management that included vendors and sellers from around the world plus officials discussing new technologies to deal with air pollution, landfill management, and the future of the plastics economy. In the past year or so since I have left the federal government, I have noticed how there are issues that are more important that need to be brought to the forefront. The simple thing to know about me is that I am a skeptic but am also optimistic. Sometimes it is hard to find balance those positions. The skills I offer to others are teamwork, punctuality, and voracious reader of pretty much everything. I would describe myself as a strategic and critical thinker...without the diploma. I have lived in Washington DC ever since I left college back in Ohio. I came to DC looking for work in broadcast media and I ended up being a production assistant at a public television station, working on a documentary entitled the "Upset of '48," the story of President Truman's victory. After that short-time position, I ended up at the State Department, working in the world that euphemistically called the "Intelligence Community." It was not glamorous, but it was an entry into the world of global diplomacy. In January 1992, I left the State Department and moved to the Treasury Department. I was pretty much doing the same thing there until 9/11. All of us who went through that day were changed. The opportunity presented itself to be part of a new direction at Treasury, which became tracking money from bad guys, specifically terrorists. I've held a number of positions. Advisor, Watch Officer, Information Officer...similar to what you see on resumes from individuals in the military. However, since I am not former military, I can't just depend on an early pension and ride off into the sunset. I'm unique because I am single and healthy and have a passion in finding a second career. I have many interests (books, yoga, walking), but because I was so focused on my job in national security, I didn't make time for reading just for pleasure and interest. Lastly, I'd like to add that I lived overseas in Central America at a young age in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Puerto Rico. Growing up, my first language was Spanish, but because I moved to Northeast Ohio, I lost my ability to speak Spanish because there wasn't a need to do so then. Times have changed.