Hello: I am an experienced Web writer, internet researcher, and social scientist who has written on social change, sociology, nonprofit management, and a number of specific social issues. Scientific Social Innovation: In addition to paid work and volunteer writing gigs, I have written dozens of blog posts and a book, The Creative Activism Toolkit, on creating better nonprofit projects and programs. All of that writing focused on how to use a variety of formal techniques for planning, decision making, generating new ideas, improving ideas, and designing social innovations. That work drew on the writing of business creativity gurus like Michael Michalko and Edward De Bono. Volunteering: Broadly speaking, I am interested in issues of social and ecological sustainability. I've written stories on climate change, and blog posts on economic development. I also volunteered for anti-poverty charities United Aid for Africa and Pocket Change for Global Change. I drafted a Web site, Sustainable Nashville, to outline a sustainable cities plan for my adopted hometown. The text is available on request. Social Pollution Prevention and Sociology for Social Activists: As a sociologist, I have written extensively on social issues and on social scientific thinking, both for my own Web pages and for some client blogs. I've written about using social science research and concepts to understand social issues, and maybe effect modest social changes, Other Skills: My other skills include Web copy writing, (basic) SQL and SPSS, Microsoft Office, video script writing, and statistical analysis. Writing samples are available through my Weebly page, below. My resume is available on LinkedIn. If any of this sounds interesting feel free to shoot me a message with an idea of how we might work together.

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I am a Web copywriter and blogger with a background in social science, experience writing for many industries, and experience writing about nonprofit topics. Most of my recent work has been in three areas: 1. Nonprofit management and leadership 2. Legal topics (dangerous drugs, defective medical devices) 3. Education (tutoring, college) I've ghostwritten hundreds of things for BlogMutt and TextBroker. I also wrote dozens of blog posts under my own name, mostly on social science, activism, and creative thinking.