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I am a driven and flexible Graphic Designer with over seventeen years of experience delivering digital and print materials as a full-time employee, as well as an independent freelancer, for a variety of client campaigns. I am pursuing a freelance career serving forward-thinking clients with a shared passion for clean design and the latest visual trends. I am adept at visual strategy, layout development, and electronic production for print media. I excel in peer review environments calling for creative brainstorming to bring ideas from concept to execution. Design is my passion. Being happy in my profession is extremely important to me. I am a well-rounded designer with extensive experience in digital and print materials. Although my passion has always been on the creative side of things, I am happy with the experiences I have had in Prepress and I feel it has been a great benefit to the quality of my work. I truly believe this experience has given me the ability to be a strong designer, learning the technical end of graphics, thus creating art that not only looks professional, but offers a high quality end product, whether it is in print or web.