My resume

  • SWaM Business Manager
  • Floor cleaning
  • Transportation
  • Floor installation
  • Janitorial

My name is Chaz Clyburn and I am 26 years old. I am the Chief Executive Officer of my Own Janitorial Service & Employment Transportation Services. My Vice President of Operations is my Mother of course. My Janitorial Service is a Family Owned Limited Liability Company. We do carry a General Liability Insurance and Worker's Compensation Policy. We only been in Business for 6 months because We are need to this Business. Myself alone have worked at multi companies such as; PRIDE Industries, Virginia MOCA, Refresh Cleaning, Eggleston Services and Jani King as either a Custodian, Floor Technician or Supervisor. I was a Supervisor at Jani King for 30 Days, then I resigned because the pay was to low and did not accommodate my Experience as a Supervisor. But, Yes, this is a little about Me. Oh & my Partner who's working with me is Quintell Johnson. Thank You, Chaz Clyburn Chief Executive Officer