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I am a messenger of love. I am an actor by profession, but I am a jack of many trades. I have recently joined Local 871 as an assistant production accountant. In short I specialize in offering clear precise sound advise to bring your next project into fruition. Rather it's helping define a character or someone to help you keep track of production expenses. I am here to help. In the end it's all about the love. I also specialize in exercises to help emotional stability. I do know that often times the demands of the industry can take a toll on the body. Physically, psychologically, and emotionally high levels of stress can tear down the body. So I am here to make sure that doesn't happen by keeping the mind, body and soul intact so it can perform at the highest level possible. If you are looking for an individual to add laughter and excitement to your life please contact me so we can come up with the perfect plan for your life, in the aspect of LOVE. There is so much love waiting for you!