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Hello all! My name is Celeste. I moved to NYC from Atlanta after high school to pursue a degree in new media technology. After graduating from LaGuardia Community college in 2014, I took a took a year off to work. During that time, I have worked with the Environmental Education Fund in booking events and doing online social media and print advertisement work. Working as a baby sitter and assistant on the side, I learned how to compartmentalize my jobs for a consistent work flow. Currently, I am a student at Purchase College and major in communications and media studies. I work in high fashion retail at Bloomingdales. For fun, I practice photography and do nude modeling for both friends and professionals. With my varied work history, I am happy to say that my open minded attitude towards finding my career path is leading me more towards creating social change through art. As I have taken arts management courses this year, I am excited for the opportunity to create art and further learn how to be a progressive influence in my community. . On this site, I seek to find jobs that will help me raise money to go towards new camera equipment and of course, thoughtfully save my money! As mentioned, my work history is very expansive. I am willing to try new things and improve upon my current capabilities. While I have struggled in my classes, I have maintained an A-/A average in my schooling. Through my desire to really "suck the marrow" from life, I bring enthusiasm to my jobs and relationships. Please contact me if I can help you in any way.