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The name is Catterina and I am 28 years old. I am a L.A native who can do whatever I put my mind to. I have experience proofreading/ editing documents, essays, etc. I am also bilingual in Spanish and am able to translate either with written material or verbally in meeting settings. As a bilingual, I have also tutored people that are learning either the English or Spanish language. My method is having them just listen and repeat before having them write or read. I have found this to be the best way to learn pronunciation when I took German lessons. I also have experience working with children. My mother owned a day care for years and therefor, started babysitting as a teenager which led to my first job at the Boys & Girls Club. Other than supervising kids, I also have experience as a pet sitter. I am an animal lover and enjoy spending time playing with cats and dogs. As a kinesthetic learner, I have always enjoyed working with my hands and most, if not, all my work experience has kept me physically active and on my feet for long periods of time. If you are in need of assistance with home improvements such as installing furniture, painting walls, or simply packing/ moving, I am your girl. Finally, if you are from out of town and find yourself in the LA area, I am available to suggest places to eat, visit, and enjoy. From dive bars to fine dining, best hiking trails to museums, Los Angeles has it all and only those of us that born and raise here can give you the true ins and outs to best enjoy your experience here. Service fees vary.