Carlos M. Brooks 5912 14th St NW #205, Washington, DC 20002 • cell: 202-760-0453 • home: 202-291-3036 Work Experience Maintenance and Restaurant Worker, Colesville –equipment/and/supply/co/ Howard County, MD Maintenance duties included, but were not limited to: • Cleaning out vacant apartments and grounds • Trash removal and disposal • Organizing storage rooms • Painting • Vehicle Maintenance • Assisting in the distribution of notices • Polishing and cleaning elevator tracks • Setting up and breaking down rooms for special events and board meetings February 1995/to- January 2014 Restaurant duties included, but were not limited to: • Sanitizing pots and pans • Mopping and cleaning the kitchen area • Food preparation • Restocking beverage dispensers, bar, and salad bar • Busing tables • Inventory of food supplies and dried goods, including weighing of seafood Building Care Worker, Prudential Building Service, Loudon and Calvert County, MD October 1985-December 1994 Duties included: • Disposing of trash and recyclables • Cleaning entrances, hallways and stairwells • Vacuuming, spot cleaning and shampooing carpets • Stripping, buffing, waxing, mopping and polishing floors using various types of machines including burnishes • Upholstery cleaning • Cleaning and restocking guests' rooms • Setting up and breaking down meeting rooms • Delivery of supplies • Assisting Manager and Executive Housekeeper with other projects as needed Special SkillsUses,of machines;(Burnishers/high-low-speed/stripper/and Buffer/machines/shampooing/carpet-upholstry/restroomsstripping/sanding/polishing/mounted/not-mounted-steamcleanning/extracting/high-interior/exterior/hospital-environmental-service-cleanning-attendant/snow-removal/lawncare/Leaves/and snowblowers/and salt-spreaders/and feeders/and cutting grass materials.And other;Interior/Exterior/cleaning-equipment!!And Roomattendant//FoodUtility//Duties!!polishing/light-maintennace-(changing;filters/light-bulbs/and working with fire-restorations/and floods/light/touch-up/ painting/and special-hauling/and trash/and furniture/removal/and delivery!!and other Route-driver/catering/warehouse-shipping-delivery-supply-worker!! Food preparation Courtesy Transportation — van /shuttle/auto-parts-runner/pick-up/drop-ff/clients/staff/and other establish-business-officaials.(LotAttendant) Guest room sanitation/aassiting with the maintenance department;and insecticiding all rooms for bed-bugs/and special-cleanning;(Hotel/Motel/Dorms/classrooms/schools/patient-rooms/cafeterias/reataurants/apts/condominiums/hospice/and senior-assited-living-retirement-senior-community/Homes/and dietary-sanitation-utility-worker!!! Catering Food Service Helper/Driver/setting-dishware/glassware/and foodservice-lines/and decorations/and (Banquet-Housekeeper/Utility-Steward/Prep-worker/vending/snack-bar/fooditems/delivery-set-up/worker. And the love and a rewarding longterm position with me.

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Hello!!I try and introduce mysef as a professional having character and not having any and all biases, but more concentrate on building the success,and the happiness,and bringing contributions toward the longterm friendships and building trust with a company,management,and the staff.And bringing along bi-language skills and hardworking multi-tasked/skills and expirence and larning that are eccential for the company!!and bringing a courteous and professional attitude