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Are you a writer who would like a second pair of eyes on your work? Whether you're a student, aspiring novelist, or prolific blogger, I offer a sharp editors' eye that will polish your writing to perfection. Editing is about a lot more than correcting spelling and grammar. By hiring me, you'll have the peace of mind that your prose says what you want it to, in words calculated to generate the best impact for your intended audience. I offer copy editing and proofreading services for fiction and nonfiction projects, with a specialization in translating specialist and academic language across a variety of disciplines into accessible, layman-friendly prose. As a former marketing copywriter, I understand the importance of tuning language to reach a target audience, and will ensure that the tone, style, and content of your piece aligns with your intent as a writer and your audience's expectations. Essays, blog articles, and short fiction are welcome; no job is too small!