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Need a speech? Who better to write it for you than an Amazon Number One Best Selling author, a Ph.D., and someone who has been a public speaker for over a decade. I know how to write to be heard, not read. I am my own speech writer; shall I be yours? My speech writing services are at your disposal. If you want to know how to DELIVER a speech, watch this video: Please contact me prior to purchasing one of my packages to confirm that it is a topic about which I am comfortable writing. Thank you. Note: No school projects for which the student will receive credit. It would be unethical. A little about me: I have written and edited speeches, including TED Talks, for keynote speakers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and politicians. Speeches have included product launches, all-hands meetings, graduation keynotes, Toastmaster addresses, get-to-know the candidate introductions, and motivational addresses. My latest book, published in February, 2018, was an Amazon #1 Best Seller and New Release in multiple categories. My LinkedIn posts have been read some 400,000 times. I have appeared on Fox Business Network and Headline News, and have been cited in over 700 articles in some 31 countries..