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I am a certified English teacher with a passion for education, literature, language, and creativity. I have 5+ years experience as both a classroom teacher and a one-on-one tutor, my students ranging from kindergarten age through university graduates. I have 2+ years experience proofreading and editing undergraduate and graduate papers, as well as functioning as a University Writing Center Consultant. My classroom experience includes teaching both advanced and academic level English in grades 10, 11, and 12; my instruction covered literary analysis, research, grammar instruction, early American literature, early British literature, and creative writing. As an independent tutor, I have worked with students on everything from homework assistance, study skills, college application essays, all stages of the writing process, elementary math, middle level social studies, science, and all levels of English. I am extremely qualified to copy edit, copy write, and tutor. I am diligent, thoughtful, responsible, and possess a strong work ethic and sense of integrity.