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Hi! My name is Bri, and I LOVE yoga, even more I love being able to show what yoga is, why it is beneficial to each body and how every body can do it to my students. Introducing to them the passion that I have found. I am certified RYT200hr and looking into tackling the 500hr certification. Being an inflexible person, I never tried yoga. Because I'm inflexible. I always worked out, in the gym, ran long distances, I have a pull up bar in my bedroom. I love working out and lifting weight and adding weight and running and beating mile times and sweating and growing! I love it. But I never stretched out the muscles I was building. The muscles started becoming bulky, not long and lean. So I tried yoga, and I hated it! It's awful, I can't do anything, I'm behind in the class, I don't know what that pose means, how do I even get into that pose, this is not a resting pose. Well, the more difficult it got the more interested I became, everytime I figured out a pose I would play a little victory dance in my head. Today it's the same way, I've been practicing and teaching for 4 years now and my practice is never easy, but I'm always pushing my limits to learn something new! If you feel the same way I felt, I wish I would have started with private classes, because then the instructor (me) can really focus on you and when you are in your practice today and modify an entire class just for you! I have a passion for what I practice and for what I do, and it shows in my students Please call/text me 714)356-2549 if you would like private lessons, a group lesson, or just have a few questions to ask. I would love to help you and get to know you!