Hello my name is Brendan Sullivan. Saying I'm a dog lover is an understatement. I am an animal lover period. I grew up with dogs all around me I've owned 3 boxers one of them named Sully is still alive today. I also own a beagle banned Tara. When I turned 14i started volunteering at the MSPCA in Jamaica Plain. What started out as a hobby became a very serious part of my weekly life. I currently donate as many hours I possibly can at the MSPCA. I am amazing with dogs so please trust me to take your dogs or dog for a walk. You will not be disappointed with the amount of love and care I out into my walls:)

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Hello my name is Brendan. I've cared for dogs my whole life starting at 8 years old with my first dog which was a boxer. I learned how too train my dog too sit, lay down, and paw. I learned responsibility from a young age taking my dog out and feeding him. As the years went in and I got older at the age of 14 I started volunteering at the MSPCA in Jamaica Plain. There I was exposed to baby different dog breeds big and small and learned how to handle and work with dog'sd of