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  • Website developing
  • Writing
  • Video editing
  • Proofreading
  • Story editing
  • Editing
  • Writing
  • Creative writing

I am a writer first by study and now by profession. Currently in possession of both a bachelor's and MFA in creative writing, I have spent years honing my craft inside and out of the classroom. My most remarkable skill is my versatility and my ability to think critically, freely and outside the box; if you need me to write about something, I can find words for it no matter the subject matter. I have created fiction, reviewed products (films, books, stories, video games, food, toys, household appliances--you name it, I've written something about it), edited for anything from articles to essays, and proofreading is a skill that I can't even turn off. I have developed content for websites. I've worked for content mills. I've even written emails on commission. To keep it short, if it involves writing or creativity, then it is something I can offer my services towards. Willing to utilize Copyscape or other plagiarism checkers-- I never reuse my work, or steal from anyone else's. All I want to do is write; all I want you to do is give me something to write about. Let's help each other.