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I am a writer, wordsmith, and editor, with a love of all things literary. I fell in love with reading as a kid, and with writing as a college student, where I earned a B.A. in Environmental Humanities from Whitman College. To me, one of the greatest joys in writing comes from editing and re-writing. I adore the process of critiquing my own work, and spending hours laboring over how to word things in the absolute best way. I bring this passion and detail to all projects, no matter how big or small, and no matter how creative or expository. Another joy, to me, is altering or adapting the voice and tone of a piece of writing to best connect and communicate with the target audience. Writing should be half about what the author brings to the table, and half what the reader takes off of it. Much of the time (especially in advertising, marketing, and blogging), the writer's goal should be to get his or her half as close as possible to the reader's. A great writer doesn't speak in the voice that they want to hear, but in the voice that the reader best understands.