Love Dhairya Bhatt, Veer Bhatt, Mahika Bhatt a lot, But miss MaDhAm the most.... MaDhAm, ....Remember: better to stay prepared and on your toes.. .....I love to surprise.. and ....Rejections are gifts.... see, one is NEVER too old, to build a NEW empire... the best, is yet to come.... ....Keep Track....

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Trying to reach my old friends from: Don't hesitate to connect..... Resident of Aldie VA, Washington DC, New York city, Kids : Dhairya Bhatt, Veer Bhatt, Mahika Bhatt Universities: New Jersey: Stevens Institute of Technology (M.S - Information Systems), Ahmedabad: School of Commerce (M.Com - Corporate Finance), Vallabh Vidya Nagar (B.B.A.- Marketing and Finance), Ahmedabad: Ankur Higher Secondary, High School, Primary School Please don't hesitate to connect. I am looking forward to it.