I have been a software professional since 1980 and my major in college is electronics. It has thousands of people's networks in China. In the fourth industrial revolution era, platforms are very important. I am doing a daily necessity platform business. Our sales last year were KRW 1 trillion (10 billion dollors) in Korea and KRW 280 billion (2.8 billion dollars) in foreign countries. You can do platform business without investing just like me.

Languages: Korean, Japanese, Chinese, English
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  • Network marketing
  • Software engineer

I was a software engineer from 1980.I am now doing a network business call Atomy. www.usaatomy.com www.caatomy.com www.jpatomy.com www.twatomy.com.tw www.atomy.com.sg www.atomy.com/kh www.atomy.com/ph www.atomy.com/my www.atomy.com/mx www.atomy.com/th www.atomy.com/au www.atomy.com/id We have already a beach in USA, Canada, japan,taiwan,singapore, Cambodia, phillipine, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Russia. We will open a branh in Vietnam, China this year and will start a business in India and turkey next year.