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What I Do: I help business owners and management become happier and achieve more of what they want and less of what they don't want. I do my best to deliver positive results through a caring process while applying a broad range of responsibilities from my past working in large, small corporations and helping incubate over 50 start-ups. Areas of expertise include corporate strategy, operations, administration, human resources, marketing, finance, IT, and project level initiatives such as culture change management, process re-engineering, and ERP implementation. My goal is to help build ideas which provide valuable and invaluable benefits to the customer based on what matters most. Who I am: Consultant for business projects of all sizes; Focus on business growth projects that bring locally sustainable social value such as education, healthcare, internet access through the utilization of rational economics while recognizing the whole person. Currently interested in projects dealing with the relationship of science and music, beats, and its effect on human bio-mechanics (what's between the paint and the canvas). Because People matter first.